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Welcome to Akash Assets Promoters Our Plan
We are the Leading pioneer in giving a strategic thrust to develop a new policy and regulatory framework for raising Waste land cultivation growth and productivity, income, employment and reduce poverty to achieve our goal.

The Akash Carrer Plan provides for several stages of the carrier rise. At the moment of signing the contract with Akash a Field Leader is at the beginig of a new way of life style business.

Fill up, sign and file the Field Leader application for authorization to become a Field Leader and sell Akash products.
  • A policy holder can invest in such deposit scheme of the Akash a minimum of Rs. 100/m , Rs. 200/m , Rs. 300/m , Rs. 500/m , Rs. 1000/month.

  • And he can pay it through Monthly, Quaterly, Half yearly, or Yearly Installments.
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