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Our Careers  
The concept of the business in that the company will engage in developing the techno based Agro Industries on behalf of the ventures for which the ventures shall enter in to an agreement with the company on no judicial stamp paper. Advisors will be associated for booking orders for such activity that were known as field advisors and would be working under unique code number allotted by the company.

All charged related to the agreement would be borne by the ventures. No duplicate agreement will be issued under any circumstances. The consents of the agreement actually signed by the ventures shall prevail not withstanding any thing whatsoever contained stated in any other document(s) paper(s) literature etc.

Akash Sunflower Marketing:

We use the best network marketing strategy and our unique business offer is the foundation of business.
  • We provide an opportunity to organize you to optimize a stable everlasting business.

  • This opportunity is a high level social bound to the Company and its Field Leaders.

  • Our products are effective help the people and the nation in the right manner.

  • The commission payments guarantee and it is evident through time.

  • The complete information and analytical support for the Field Leaders' business by the Company.

  • This system is totally powered with internet and information’s are transparent in no time.

  • The Company operates online information support programs for Field Leaders by Web and texting broadcasts.

  • An opportunity to participate in the remote online business transaction system.

  • An opportunity to explore and Participation in major Company events.
How to Join
1. Fill up, sign and file a Field Leaders application for authorization to become a Field Leaders and sell Akash products.
2. This is an opportunity to become a Field Leaders is available to anyone regardless of race, sex, nationality religious or any belief.
Creative of Database 
Once the above formalities are through and code is received then the first thing to do is to create a database of all friends, relatives, neighbours and customers who could be the probable persons to join or help you in some way or other.
Under Standing your Career
To make a success it is necessary to understand the whole business model depending on whether the person is expected to be part of team or joint return scheme besides a brief idea about the company in fact it is the confidence level of the field Associates about the products/career and company which is the basis of success.
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